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With rapidly narrowing gap between the real and the web world, it has become extremely essential for any business, small or large to have an online presence that puts them ahead of the competition.We at 60degree analyse and understand your business goals and strive to deliver the best results.

An effective and business building website starts with an effective approach and process. We have perfected our planning and strategy skills to ensure that your website performs every bit as well as you need it to.


  • E-Commerce
  • SAAS Applications
  • Microsites
  • UI Design
  • Content Management Systems
  • CRM systems
  • Performance Optimization
  • Data Scrapping
  • API development and integrations


Our softwares are expandable.New functionality can be added seamlessly and quickly without having to re-invent the wheel.In addition, we also put you in control. We tell you the costs and deliverables upfront with our detailed proposals to set the right expectations since beginning and deliver in time.

Our business analysis experts listen to your ideas and goals and work with the development teams to create designs and functionalities tailored especially for you, based on your inputs. We don’t beleive in “One size fits all” terminology and hence avoid use of generic or pre-designed templates.


The development of a website is a multi-step process. For the person assigned to implement the website it is valuable to understand each of the steps in the process and how they fit together:

  • Analysis: Establishing the parameters of the website
  • Project Planning: Getting organized
  • Development: Building the web application
  • SEO & Advertising: Promoting website on the web
  • Interactivity and e-Business: Providing value to visitors
  • Measuring Effectiveness: Tracking visitors
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