The Latest Fashion Trends to Follow!

If you use fashion as a way of expressing your unique personality, chances are that you love keeping up to date with the latest fashion trends. If you’re keen to purchase a few trendy pieces of fashion to update your closet for the coming season, continue reading to discover 6 key fashion trends to experiment with.

The Latest Fashion Trends to Follow: 6 Of the latest fashion trends to shop this season

1. Leather loafers

Leather loafers are set to make a comeback in 2018 and can be just as easily teamed with a pair of blue jeans and a white v neck shirt as professional business attire. Ladies may also be interested in feminine loafers which boast an attractive pointed toe.

2. Crossbody style bags

In 2018 messenger-style crossbody bags will increase in popularity for men, while smaller, crossbody style purses will become the latest it accessory for women to carry. As a bonus not only are crossbody style bags incredibly chic but they are also remarkably practical and free up both of your hands. Which will make answering a phone call, or reaching for your wallet a lot easier, than if you were to carry a traditional bag.

3. Color-blocking

If you’re not afraid of wearing a bright outfit, you may be interested in following the recent color-blocking trend, which involves wearing several bright hues in a single outfit. If you’re a confident trendsetter, you may vent want to consider wearing a single clothing item such as a mini-dress, which features three bold blocks of color such as red, blue and white.

4. White tennis shoes

While it may have been a fashion faux pas in the past to pair a glamorous maxi dress with a pair of white tennis shoes, in the last few months a wide variety of A-list celebrities and international supermodels have taken to wearing clunky white tennis shoes with smart casual outfits. Instead of with their yoga pants and crop tops.

5. Semi-transparent fabrics

As the weather warms up, expect to see semi-transparent fabrics become increasingly popular as they offer a great way to layer up and showcase your unique sense of style, while ensuring that you keep cool, calm and collected. Semi-transparent jackets and shirts are also a great option on inclement days when it’s too warm to wear a trench coat, a denim jacket or a leather jacket but too cold to go without a second layer.

6. Headbands

If you thought you’re too old to rock a statement headband, think again. While headbands haven’t featured as a trend for grown-up women for several years, expect headbands to be sold by all of your favorite brands this year. If you’re looking to experiment with a more mature version of one of your favorite childhood trends, you may want to purchase a thin silk scarf, which you can use as a makeshift DIY headband. Which will make you feel as if you’re a famous movie star vacationing on the French Riveria.

So simply choose the trend, which interests you the most and start shopping to find the ideal piece to add to your closet, this season.

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